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Elementary? Not really…

“Elementary”.  The new Sherlock Holmes show on CBS…

My mom always says: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” so…..

So…. let me tell my fellow Sherlock Holmes fans about this great TV show called “Perception”.  It stars Eric McCormack, the guy who played Will on “Will and Grace”.   His character is Dr. Daniel Pierce, a neuropsychiatrist and professor at some fictional Ivy Covered University.  He is also schizophrenic.  Crazy, right?  The only people who know this is the Dean of the Uni who hired him (LeVar Burton), the Teachers Assistant that Professor Pierce hired Just To Let Him Know When He is Hallucinating and of course, his own Watson, Special Agent Kate Moretti, a former student, now FBI Special Agent, who calls on him for his help in difficult cases.  

This show, “Perception” is all kinds of fun to watch.  See the Professor is just like Holmes; razor sharp, focused, fast, and he notices everything. As a neuropsychiatrist he knows intimately how people think, again, like Holmes- the penultimate student of human nature.  Also like Holmes he is completely unaware of his former student’s crush on him.  There is a recurring hallucination of a woman with whom he talks over his troubles.  He knows she isn’t real, but she is his “conductor of light” and helps him work out the mystery.  The show is on TNT and the first season just finished, but there are reruns, and the next season has been picked up already.

“Elementary” in comparison, seems like a poorly constructed hodgepodge of old police procedural ideas tacked onto a couple called Holmes and Watson.  Miller, I’m afraid, just doesn’t project the native intelligence or fireball energy of Holmes on a case.  He would make an excellent poker player because you can never tell what, or if, he is thinking about something.  I kept imagining I was watching “Walter” from “Fringe”.  Miller’s Holmes has a kind of Rain Man-idiot savant presence that washes over you but doesn’t get you excited about the Mystery.   And speaking of the mystery; traditionally Holmes is called in for unsolvable cases, or by a civilian who can’t get the police to help.  Last night he was called in for what was assumed, by every police officer on the scene, to be a simple burglary gone wrong.  Why would they call in Holmes if they thought it was an open and shut case?  For Quality Assurance?

And poor Lucy Liu, after allllll the firestorm on the fandom pages about a woman Watson, she really doesn’t have much of a part.  As a well-known American Actress, I bet she was expecting a lot more from this role.  Really it seems as though her only purpose is to ask Holmes what he is thinking.  And who can blame her, I couldn’t tell either.

Maybe it will get better.  CBS has put a lot of money into this project, maybe if they sack the writers and try again they could salvage it.  I wonder if Mark Gattiss is available.




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